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Baffy’s is a cozy culinary paradise where the tongue can attest to the luscious mouthwatering dishes served.


At Baffy’s, we serve you with the most delectable dishes that are a delight to your taste buds. Our food is made by dedicated and skilled chefs, using the freshest of ingredients. Everything served from our open kitchen is without a doubt something to write home about. Our hospitable customer service coupled with our clean space and delicious cuisine will definitely have you coming back for more.


Had shrimp jollof with pork from @BaffysEatery about a week ago. I've gone back 3 times after that
Heading layer
I'm always hungry for Baffy's pork fried rice
Baffy's eggfried rice and pork chops is coming my neck
@cobimensah and @n_akwei @BaffysEatery assorted bi 33d3
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+233 245 888 747

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